Chronic Disease/Nutrition

Barco-Newton 1-Hour Metabolism Testing Consultation

Barco-Newton Family YMCA

During this half-hour or one-hour consultation, a MedGem Metabolic Testing Device is used to measure your resting metabolism. A registered dietitian will use the numbers generated by the MedGem to determine your total calorie needs to reach your personal fitness goals. A one-hour consult includes the metabolism test, health status assessment, usual dietary intake, pertinent nutrition education, counseling and a personalized meal plan. A half-hour consult includes the metabolism test and an activity analysis.

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Contact: Kerri Napoleon
18 - 120
Online Registration Dates:
11/25/15 - 01/01/17
Inhouse Registration Dates:
11/25/15 - 01/01/17
Program Dates:
12/01/15 - 12/31/16
Member Cost:
Non-Member Cost:
140.00 175.00

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