Summer Day Camp

It’s GAME ON! this year at the YMCA Day Camps across the First Coast. Campers will discover new adventures, interests, skills, build self-confidence, make new friends and feel a sense of achievement. Above all, we focus on making summer fun!

A Typical Week of Camp Includes:

  • Camper’s Choice & Play during early morning and late afternoon hours
  • Skills building related to STEM, Art and Humanities, Sports and outdoor recreation play
  • Participates in Camp Readers Program
  • Start and end a camp day with a group assembly filled with song, dance and recognition to celebrate the spirit of camp
  • At least twice a week, campers participate in our Safety Around Water program which is designed to gain the basics skills of water safety in a group setting
  • Character development with a focus on our core values: Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility
  • A variety of either onsite special activities & guest speakers or off site field trips. *Vary per week, per camp site.

Member Savings

YMCA members save 20% on summer day camp! Weekly savings range from $17-$31 per child, depending on the summer day camp site. Those savings really add up. Below is an example of the savings for a family with three children all registered for summer day camp.


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Weekly Themes

Double Dare

May 30 – June 2 & August 7-11
Get ready for super fun challenges that include messy stunts and trivia related to food, sports, music, television and more. We Double Dare you to play!

Amazing Race

June 5-9
Will your team be the first to finish? Teams will race around the world exploring new cultures and performing physical and mental challenges while using clues to complete a scavenger hunt.


June 12-16
Who done it, with what, and where? Campers will assume the role of detectives while attempting to uncover who committed the crime. Can you solve the mystery?


June 19-23
While moving up the “Mountain” to determine who has enough “Guts” to make it to the top, campers will compete in sports challenges that grow their determination, skills and teamwork!

Family Feud

June 26-30
Our camp families face off in mind blowing games, physical challenges and just all around silliness to see who the real ruler of the house is.


July 3-7
Splash into a week’s worth of water activities and games! Are you up to the challenge or will you Wipeout!


July 10-14
Learn about what it takes to survive in the wilderness, test your endurance, and step outside your comfort zone! Will your team outwit, outlast, outplay?

Y’s Got Talent

July 17-21
Which talent will you share? Campers will highlight their talents and favorite activities including singing, magic tricks, comedy and more. In our very own, Y’s Got Talent Show!

Figure it Out

July 24-28
Campers compete in brain teasers and STEM-related challenges to figure out the puzzle of the day. Be careful, don’t get slimed!

Legends of the Hidden Temple

July 31 – August 4
Kids engage in physical challenges and archeological digs to discover legends from history, mythology, and other cultures. What hidden treasures will you discover within the temple?


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